About Us

Center for Law and Justice (CLJ) is a nonprofit, nonpartsan, nongovernment organization that strives to ensure free and fair access to human rights for the underprivileged and marginalized communities in Pakistan, regardless of their religious and ethnic backgrounds. It strongly believes in and is dedicated to protecting the rights of individuals as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the International Bill of Rights, and the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan.
The CLJ engages legal, legislative, and cultural issues by implementing effective approaches which include litigation, fact-findings, research, advocacy, engaging civil society, providing free legal aid, and strengthening the culture and understanding of human rights within the disadvantaged communities. Additionally, it also furthers its goals by helping communities build individual capacity, structures, and institutions that may enable them to defend their own rights on an enduring basis

Our Story

The CLJ was founded by former Assembly woman Mary James Gill in light of her experiences with the religious minorities and other marginalized groups in Pakistan. Witnessing the devastating effects of discrimination, lack of justice and basic human rights, she decided to form this organization in an attempt to make a difference.

CLJ serves as an instrument to further her vision of building a collective understanding of inalienable human rights and free access to justice at a grass root level using models that are both sustainable and self-perpetuating. Since its inception in 2009, CLJ has been able to make a meaningful difference through its efforts and relentless work to promote human rights.

Mission Statement

The CLJ shall strive to protect the rights and interests of marginalized communities in Pakistan by engaging legal, legislative, and cultural issues through research, fact-finding, litigation, advocacy, legal aid, and by engaging the community and other stakeholders for building enduring institutions and community structures


1. Working towards reforming legislations relating to the minorities and improving their implementation.
2. Ensuring justice and protecting rights of disadvantaged groups through litigation and free legal aid.
3. Creating collective awareness and building capacity and structures within underprivileged communities to enable them to defend their rights on a sustainable basis.


CLJ strongly believes in and promotes following values in work and among its employees:
-foremost priority to the interests of socially, economically, and politically marginalized groups and individuals.
-constant innovation in all its work at its offices and on field.
-nurturing ideas and encouraging initiative-taking.
-modesty in the use of resources.
-complete transparency in all aspects of our work.
-participatory and consensus-oriented decision making.
-promote sustainability as a cross-cutting theme in all its initiatives.

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